Low costs that scale down as your plan grows

We charge simple, transparent, all-in fees with no conflicts of interest. Dream Forward doesn't have any ties fund families, and the average expense ratio of the funds in our retirement plans is 0.21%. We don't make money off of hidden commissions like of 12b-1 fees.

Our monthly fee for the business ranges from $200-$0, depending on the plan size. We charge the business $3 per employee that's actually saving in the plan each month. The A.U.M. fee depends on the plan size, but in general our total fees are approximately half of the industry average cost in the small and medium sized business space.

All of our fees are pro-rated by the quarter. So that means if you start a plan for your company in Q4 on October 1st, you won't pay for the first three quarters. You'd pay for 1/4th of the year.  There are no minimum balance requirements, one-time plan set up fees, or conversion fees.