Set up your plan in less than a day

You didn't read that wrong. We'll send you a contract to set up a plan in less than a day. Guaranteed. 

Setting up your organization’s first 401(k), 403(b), or 457(b) retirement plan or switching an established plan to Dream Forward is easy and quick thanks to our modern and online-focused operations.

We know how it feels - based on your experience working with large financial institutions, you expect this to be a months-long process of faxing documents around.  You won’t find any of that at Dream Forward. We use electronic signature - it takes us less than an hour to generate contracts. And we send you the emails you pass along to your employees when you’re kicking off a new plan - so you can just forward it off.

If you’re switching a plan from your old provider to Dream Forward, we handle all of the back and forth with the prior provider - all you need to do is tell us to say “go!” Sign the contract, forward the emails we have for you to send to your employees, and we take care of the rest.