Interested in a better 401(k)?


Dream Forward - a modern 401(k)


Everything you want in a retirement plan

Dream Forward is bringing 401(k)s and 403(b)s into the 21st century. We offer a modern, low-cost solution perfect for small and medium sized businesses.

Our process is simple. No faxing documents around for six months to set up your business' plan, full integrations with payroll, low costs, and new technology designed to increase employees’ savings rate.


Dream Forward is the best fit for plans of any size, from startups to established small and medium sized businesses

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Artificial intelligence for your employees

Our artificial intelligence (AI) acts as an emotional advisor


To an employee, interaction with our AI looks like customer service chat, online and available 24/7. The AI can answer admin questions, explain confusing terms, and be what we call an "Emotional Advisor" - it can address whatever excuse someone has for why they aren't saving for retirement.

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Work with your HR

Payroll integration

Our platform is integrated with many large payroll partners, with more being added all the time. And for businesses not relying on a dedicated payroll provider, our payroll tool makes the whole process quick and painless.  

Your HR team can customize your plan's AI chat to fit your business needs

You get to decide when you or HR gets looped in on specific employee questions. Our AI can work in tandem with your HR team to provide the best experience. Click here to go through a short questionnaire to see a sample of the customization possibilities.




Dream Forward doesn't have any financial ties to fund families. To maintain our independence and eliminate any conflict of interest, we use a third party to select your fund lineup. You can even work with them to customize the lineup as you see fit.

Fund lineup

No hidden fees. Lower costs and top performing funds. The average expense ratio across our plan lineups is as low as 9 basis points. Let us show you how much of a difference that can make - request a free review of your plan's fees today.



Changing the game

No setup fees. No conversion fees. And our business fees scale down as your plan grows.

Our monthly fee for the business start at $200, and decreases as your plan grows. We charge the business $3 per employee saving in the plan each month. The A.U.M. fee depends on the plan’s size, but in general our total fees are approximately half of the industry average cost for SMBs.