Financial Calculators

Financial calculators

The Dream Forward 401(k) website includes many calculators and tools, but there are plenty of other resources out there that you may find helpful! 

Social Security-related calculators

We often receive questions about calculating Social Security benefits. Click here to check out the Social Security Administration's calculators. They have a wide variety of retirement related tools, including calculators that are great for mapping out your benefits in retirement.

You should also head over to AARP and try their Social Security tool.  They have additional calculators that cover topics outside of Social Security available as well.

College-related calculators 

If you're looking to map out the cost of a degree, check out this College Board tool.

If you're looking to estimate how much financial aid you'll get, here's a government tool you'll find useful.

Major savings goals 

Trying to estimate what kind of home you can afford? Check out this tool. You should also consider comparing the cost of buying a new home vs renting.  

If you're wondering what kind of car you can afford, try this tool.

Wondering about how much it would take to set up an emergency savings fund? Here's a calculator to help you figure it out.

Investing-related calculators

Want to calculate compound interest? Use this tool. Morningstar also offers a set of tools to evaluate investments. 

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