Juggling The Upcoming Wedding And Retirement

Start your marriage the right way

We know your upcoming wedding is really important! But you and your spouse will still need to retire someday. And you don’t want to burden your family by not saving enough for retirement. Get your marriage and new family started right by saving for retirement.

Weddings are expensive, but there are a lot of ways to save money. Below, we’ll walk you through how to save money and still have a fancy event that everyone will remember.

How much does a wedding cost?

The average American wedding costs $26,444. There’s a big range there - many couples spend less than $10,000.
Here’s a great website to help you figure out a budget and how much you should spend based on where you live. Below, you'll find our walkthrough of three big ways to reduce your wedding's cost.

Don't say you're planning a wedding!

When getting price quotes from reception venues, bakeries, florists, etc., tell the manager that you're planning a party or an event, but don’t say the word “wedding.”
If you don’t mention the word “wedding,” the price is often significantly cheaper. Store managers give higher quotes for weddings. Say you’re shopping around for an office retirement party or a going away party!


Avoid speciality wedding stores

Avoid stores that cater to wedding couples - they almost always charge much more. There are many basics that can be bought for much cheaper at places like Wal-mart or Costco.
For example, buying a wedding dress from retailers like Ann Taylor or J.Crew means paying hundreds, rather than thousands, for the same quality of dress.

Get married in the off season

Part of the reason weddings are so expensive is everyone wants to get married on the same spring and summer Saturday nights.

If you get married during the off season - from November through March - you'll pay a lot less. You'll pay less if you don’t get married on a Saturday night in the summer.

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